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Monitoring and Controlling Devices Used in an External Session

Last Modified: May 17, 2018

You must enter debug mode to access the Monitor and Control buttons. Refer to Entering Debug Mode for more information.

Complete the following steps to monitor and/or control a device in InstrumentStudio when an external application is using the device:
  1. Select Monitor. InstrumentStudio obtains read-only access to the external session, and the device's controls are disabled. You are now monitoring the device.
  2. Select Control. InstrumentStudio takes control of the device if an external application is not currently accessing the device. If you select Control and you are not monitoring any external application sessions or the external application is paused, InstrumentStudio takes ownership of the device.

    Selecting Control takes control of the device only until the next time the external application calls the device, at which point control reverts to the external application and InstrumentStudio returns to monitoring the session. You can use breakpoints to pause the external application, allowing InstrumentStudio to retain control of the device until you have made your changes and you are ready to continue the application.

  3. Edit the device settings.
  4. Click Monitor to return to monitoring the session and revert control of the device to the external session. The edited device settings are applied to the external session.

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