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Troubleshooting Email Delivery

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

Debug possible reasons email delivery fails using tracepoints.

Refer to the Setting Up Email Alarm Notifications topic for steps to configure settings for an SMTP server.

If the InsightCM Server fails to send alarm notification emails, complete the following steps to log information about the failure.

  1. Click Navigation menu »Utilities»Trace Logger.
  2. Double-click the SMTP.Emails tracepoint to enable it.
  3. Click the Navigation menu »Options.
  4. In the tree on the left, select SMTP.
  5. Select Test Mode.

    Test Mode prevents the server from sending emails, even when you run commands from the InsightCM console. Enable the SMTP.Emails tracepoint to view messages that the server writes to the trace log.

  6. Trigger an alarm that sends an email notification. The server attempts to send an email to that address group and logs information about the attempt in the trace log.
  7. Return to the Trace Logger tab and select Action menu »Download Trace Log.
  8. Open the log file with a text editor and search for the tracepoints labeled SMTP.Emails for email delivery information.

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