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Components for Writing Values to Historian Points

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Map sources of data in InsightCM to historian points to write values to the historian software. Whenever the source produces a value, InsightCM writes the value to the corresponding point in the historian software.

Components for Writing to Historian Points

InsightCM uses the following components to write data to your historian software.
Component Description
Historian Point A time-stamped value stored in the historian software. InsightCM uses the point mappings you create in the web application to write values to your historian software.
Feature A measurement derived from collected data.

For example, the most recent RMS value from acceleration data that a particular sensor acquires is a feature. Create a point mapping for a feature and InsightCM will write values from that feature to a historian point on the historian software.
Point mapping The mapping of a feature in InsightCM to the name of a historian point in the historian software.

Troubleshooting Missing Historian Points

If the status of a sensor is open, InsightCM does not write the values of features or spectral bands to the historian software, which may result in missing historian points. To check historian points, refer to Reviewing the Latest Value or Querying the Historian Software.

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