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Defining a Transceiver

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Identify the server machine so your devices can locate the server.

Complete the following steps to configure the device transceiver settings so that the device can reliably communicate with InsightCM Server.
  1. Click the Navigation menu»Options.
  2. Navigate to the Server Settings section and select Transceiver.
  3. Click Alternate IP Addresses to view all possible addresses for your server.
  4. Determine what to use as your hostname.
    Option Description
    Static IP address If your server has a static IP address or you don't expect your server IP address to change, copy the IP address to use as the hostname.
    Fully qualified server name If you are using a DNS server on your network and you expect your server IP address to change, copy the fully qualified server name to use as the hostname. The server name dynamically links to the server IP address even if the IP address changes. However, using the server name is less reliable than using the IP address. Only use this option in cases where using the IP address is impractical.
  5. Paste the address or name into the Hostname field.
  6. Uncheck the Use IP Address checkbox if you want the transceiver to use the address that you specified in the Hostname field rather than the default IP address. When you save the server settings, the Transceiver value automatically updates to match the Hostname value.
  7. Click OK to restart NI InsightCM Server and apply the change.
After you save the new server settings, reset the device connection to get the device to send the updated connection information files to the server.

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