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Securing the OPC UA Server

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

To authenticate or secure communication between the OPC UA client and the InsightCM OPC UA server, configure and exchange certificates.

  1. Using your OPC UA client, generate an OPC UA client certificate.
  2. Launch InsightCM, expand the Navigation menu , and select Options.
  3. Navigate to Server Settings»OPC.
  4. Enable the Configure OPC checkbox and configure the options that appear. If you select None in the Supported Security Policies section, you do not need to generate a client certificate.
  5. Copy the certificate you created in step one to the location specified in the Client Certificate File Path field.
  6. Click OK.
  7. When InsightCM prompts you to restart services, click OK.
  8. Copy the server certificate to your OPC UA client.
Refer to the documentation for your OPC UA client for more information on how to copy the server certificate to the OPC UA client. By default, the server certificate is located at C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\certstore\opcua\NI InsightCM OPC Server Certificate.der.

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