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Opening Required Ports for Communication

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Open required network communication ports to access the web application and to initiate data collection.

Before you begin, install InsightCM on your machine.

Open required ports to access the web application. Without opening the necessary ports, you cannot configure your assets and devices or begin data collection.

The installer attempts to open these ports for you.

Complete the following steps to open the ports according to your monitoring needs.
  1. Review the following table of ports and the details provided for each to determine which ports you need to unlock.

Port Type Description Details
82 * TCP (inbound) HTTP Web Application Not required if enabling connection to the web application via SSL.
482* TCP (inbound) HTTPS Web Application Only required if enabling connection to the web application via SSL.
5353 UDP (inbound) InsightCM Device Communication Used to find devices on the server's subnet. Only affects the functionality of the "Browse" button when adding devices.
5672 TCP (inbound) InsightCM Internal Service Communication Only necessary if using the SDK to communicate with the server form another device.
6343** TCP (inbound) InsightCM Device Web Service Retrieves device information relating to hardware, system health, and connection. Also, sends commands, such as reboot, to the device.
8002 TCP (outbound) InsightCM Device Communication Sends measurement and system data from a device to the server.
49580 ** TCP (outbound) InsightCM OPC Historian Communication Needs to be opened in the firewall in order for the OPC server to communicate out.
3580 TCP (outbound) Application Image Deployment Required.
80 TCP (outbound) Application Image Deployment Required.
*Configurable through IIS

**Configurable through InsightCM

  1. Open the necessary ports.
    • Contact your IT department about opening the necessary ports.
    • Using Windows Firewall Inbound and Outbound rules, allow the following program to communicate:

      lkads.exe, installed at C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Now that you have opened the necessary ports to access the web application, secure your web application by enabling and requiring SSL connections.

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