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Names of Items on the OPC UA Server

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

The InsightCM Server automatically writes all trend points to the OPC UA server installed with the InsightCM Server. The names that NI InsightCM Server assigns to these items in the OPC UA server follow a predefined scheme, and you cannot customize them. To query the OPC server for the values of tags, you must use the following naming scheme.

OPC Tag Naming Scheme

The OPC tag naming scheme follows the same format as the asset path. For example, consider the NI InsightCM Server tag for crest factor in the following asset tree:

Asset Tree:
Asset Path:
Unit 1|Motor|Accelerometer Vertical|Crest Factor

The InsightCM Server replaces the vertical bars with periods (.) when it creates and interacts with items in the OPC UA server, but otherwise maintains the same name, as shown below.

Item Name:
Unit 1.Motor.Accelerometer Vertical.Crest Factor

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