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Aging Strategies

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

An aging strategy prompts the server to delete historical data if certain conditions are met.

Systems with many devices or with devices performing frequent acquisitions can require significant disk space to store data. InsightCM provides features for automatically discarding data events after configurable conditions are met. This automatic process, called aging, conserves disk space while maintaining a desirable collection of data.

InsightCM applies the periodic aging strategy to individual data events that are not part of a stream. The streaming aging strategy is used to discard entire streams. InsightCM does not retain partial streams.

After the daily aging strategy runs, InsightCM retains a maximum of one trend point per hour, excluding streams. If a data event contains a data set and a trend point, InsightCM counts that as the trend point for that hour and deletes all other trend points.

InsightCM ignores periodic data events triggered by an alarm transition and never deletes them due to aging.

Calendar-Based Aging Strategy

A calendar-based strategy enables you to determine which and how much data to discard. This strategy follows a time-based schedule to discard data events after a configurable number of days. You can configure the strategy to discard all data sets except those collected at a specific time. For example, you can retain some data to trend over an extended period of time by configuring a calendar-based strategy that deletes all periodic data events except those collected at 12:00pm after two days elapse.

You can also choose to retain data events that have alarms or comments associated with them and exclude data events from a particular operating state.

The aging strategy runs every fifteen minutes, so InsightCM might not discard data immediately after the aging condition is met.

Identifying Data that Is Exempt from Aging

You can identify data that InsightCM exempts from aging on the Trend viewer. The Trend viewer shows data points from times that are exempt from aging rules. For example, if InsightCM is configured to delete all periodic data three days after collecting it, but the Trend viewer displays a value that is five days old, that data point is exempt from aging.

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