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Adding Point Mappings for Equipment Assets

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Add point mappings for one or more assets to enable InsightCM to write data to the historian software.

  1. Click the Navigation menu »System»Historian.
  2. In the Point Mappings tab, click Add.

    You can only add point mappings for sensor assets that are children of equipment assets.

  3. In the Choose Assets dialog, select one or more assets.
  4. Click Preview to review the list of features associated with the equipment asset that you are creating point mappings for.
  5. Ensure that features you want to create point mappings for are selected and that both the asset and the point name are correct.

    If you want to edit the name of an asset or a point name, select the point mapping and click Edit.

  6. Click Apply to create the point mappings.

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