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Watching a Live Stream

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

View streams from all equipment or from one equipment as streams begin.

When a stream-enabled operating state is in progress, data viewers can display live trends and measurements as devices acquire data from equipment. Choose one of the following ways to begin viewing a stream.
  1. Click the Data Viewer button.
  2. Determine how you want to view a stream.
    • See when any equipment you have configured on the Asset Configuration page start a stream.
      1. Above the asset tree, click the Load Stream button.
      2. In the Load Stream dialog, click Available Streams.
      3. Select an item to start updating viewers with data acquired from the equipment.
    • To view a stream from a particular equipment asset, complete the following steps.
      1. Click the Subscribe to Stream button to allow all viewers to update with live data.

        If necessary, the Data Viewer page automatically switches to Stream Data mode so you can access viewers and other features that are useful for analyzing stream data. When a stream begins, the viewers automatically begin updating with data. If a stream is not in progress, the viewers remain empty. The Subscribe to Stream button is disabled until you select a piece of equipment with a stream-enabled operating state in the asset tree.

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