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Manually Requesting Temporary High-Resolution Data Acquisition

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

High-resolution data is useful for troubleshooting equipment. To collect high-resolution data, you can use burst mode.


Burst mode has to be configured.

Complete the following steps to force trigger and view a periodic acquisition.

  1. Click the Configuration pull-down and select Devices.
  2. Double-click the device from which you want to collect high-resolution data.
  3. On the Device Properties tab, select the Enable Burst Mode checkbox and configure the Burst Collection Settings. If you make changes in this step, update the device configuration on the Devices tab of the Device Configuration page.
  4. Click the Action menu on the Trend viewer toolbar and select Collect Burst Data Sets.
  5. Ensure the workspace is configured to load data from the appropriate time range.
  6. If the Trend viewer already contains curves for the features or sensors of interest, click Refresh trend data in the viewer toolbar. You may need to wait a few minutes to see high-resolution data in viewers, because devices must switch to burst mode, perform the high-resolution data acquisition, and send the data to the NI InsightCM server.

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