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Parts of the Data Viewer

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

The Data Viewer page is a customizable environment with components that provide access to data and a workspace that contains charts, or viewers. You can add and remove different viewers, load historical or live data, and use various tools to examine features of interest in more detail.

The following image is an example of the Data Viewer page.

Data Viewer Toolbar
Asset tree
Trend viewer
Metadata pane
Viewers with sensor data

Operating Modes

The Data Viewer page has two operating modes designed for viewing specific types of data:

  • Periodic Data—Data trends over a customizable time range.
  • Stream Data—Live or historian data acquired continuously during an operating state, such as run-up or coast-down. The time range for which you can access data is restricted to the duration of the operating state.
To provide a starting point for your analysis tasks, both modes have a default layout of viewers and a customized toolbar for working in that mode.

Switching between Periodic and Stream Data Modes

Load stream data or subscribe to a stream view the Data Viewer page in Stream Data mode.

When the Data Viewer page is in Stream Data mode, switch to Periodic Data mode by clicking the Switch to periodic view button on the Data Viewer page toolbar.

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