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Correlations of Data to Speed and Events

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

Correlating Data to Speed

The Data Viewer page always displays the speed value from a sensor's speed reference in the metadata pane. The speed reference can be a tachometer, a fixed, user-defined speed, or a data source - such as, OPC UA or Modbus.

To view the metadata pane, click the Layout menu on the Data Viewer page toolbar and select Show Metadata.

Correlating Data to Events

You can annotate data to document the cause of a fault, or you can add comments to record information about a particular data set. NI InsightCM Server stores annotations with the data they apply to, and you can view annotations for a trend plot by clicking the Annotate Comments button on the Trend viewer toolbar.


The following metadata pane shows the information displayed when you analyze displacement data from a run-up stream. Notice the value of the speed reference at the time of acquisition.

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