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Compensating for DC Gap Offset

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

Change the configured gap reference for the Orbit or Shaft Centerline viewers.

  1. Click the Data Viewer button to navigate to the Data Viewer page.
  2. Select the Layout button for one of the bottom row charts and navigate to Chart Type»Vibration»Orbit or Shaft Centerline. This will change the chart type and the corresponding toolbar buttons.
  3. Expand a Displacement sensor and select a feature that has calculated data to activate the chart's toolbar options.
  4. Click the Gap Override button on the chart toolbar.
  5. In the resulting Set Gap Override dialog box, complete one of the following steps.
    • Modify the values in the Override Value column.
    • Set the override value to the corresponding gap feature value at that timestamp by clicking the Gap Values button. In the Shaft Centerline viewer, you must place the cursor at Gap Values.
    • Restore the configured gap reference value by click Configured Values in the Set Gap Override.

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