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User Interface Quick Reference

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Use the diagram and the terms below to learn how to navigate the web application.

Figure 1. InsightCM - Device Configuration Navigation Bar
Table 1. InsightCM User Interface Terms
Term Description
Navigation bar Links to pages users require most frequently.
Tabs When present, provides page-specific actions and information.
Dashboard page Contains an overview of the system.
Asset and Device Configuration pages Enables you to configure your assets, sensors, and devices.
Data Viewer page Enables you to explore and analyze the data collected from your equipment.
Help button Links to help for the current page or tab.
Navigation menu Links to additional content not shown in the Navigation bar, such as the Options dialog and System page.
Action menu When present, contains additional actions for the current page or tab.
View menu When present, links to additional views for a device.

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