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Preparing Optris Cameras for Discovery

    Last Modified: August 30, 2021

    Set up the Xi410 Optris cameras you will use to monitor your equipment's thermal data before you add and configure them on InsightCM.

    Before you begin, ensure the computer you use for initial camera setup is compatible with PIX Connect software and whose network settings you can change securely.
    1. Install and launch the latest version of PIX Connect software as an administrator.
    2. Connect the Xi410 camera to the computer using the provided USB cable.

      NI recommends setting up one camera at a time.

    3. Click Devices and verify that PIX Connect recognizes the camera.
    4. Click Help»About and verify that the Imager Firmware version on the camera is at least 3814 or newer.
      Option Description
      Imager Firmware version is older than 3814
      1. Click Tools»Extended»Update Firmware.
      2. Deploy the latest firmware to the camera from PIX Connect.
      3. Click Help»About to confirm the firmware update.
      4. Click Close.
      Imager Firmware version is 3814 or newer Click Close.
    5. Click Devices»Ethernet Settings.
    6. Set Device Address to

      If multiple Optris cameras will be connected to the same thermal imaging device, increment the last digit of the IP address for each successive camera.

    7. Set Send to address to
    8. Set Subnet Mask to
    9. Set Port to 50000.

      If multiple Optris cameras will be connected to the same thermal imaging device, increment the final digit of the port number for each successive camera.

    10. Disable the Auto assign port number checkbox to better track what data is coming from which camera.
    11. Set Listen on port number to 50000 (or - if another camera - to the same port number you assigned to this camera).
    12. Click OK.
    13. Click Tools»Configuration.
    14. On the Device tab, input a Temperature Range.
    15. On the External Communication tab, select the Enable checkbox under Direct temperature mode.

      Temperature values will not be correct unless you enable this checkbox.

    16. Click OK.
    17. Click Devices»Set configuration to device to push your configuration settings to the camera. Once the progress bar at the bottom of the window is complete, you have successfully configured your Optris camera.
    18. Disconnect and set aside the USB cable.
    19. Connect the camera to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter.
    20. Using an ethernet cable, connect the PoE adapter to the PoE Switch.
    21. Using another ethernet cable, connect the PoE Switch to the computer.
    22. On the computer, navigate to View network computers and devices in File Explorer.
    23. Select Network and Sharing Center.
    24. Click Change adaptor options.
    25. Set up your ethernet port for a connection test with the Optris camera.
      1. Select the Ethernet port that is connected to your Optris camera and click Change settings of this connection»Properties.
      2. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)»Properties.
      3. Select Use the following IP address.

        After you successfully test the camera ethernet connection, revert this setting so that your ethernet port resumes obtaining IP addresses automatically.

      4. Set IP address to
      5. Set Subnet mask to
    26. Test the ethernet connection to the Optris camera.
      1. Launch PIX Connect.
      2. Click Devices and select the Optris camera you want to test.
      3. Select the Connect checkbox and verify that the UDP Port number is 50000.

        If you change the port number between when you configured it during initial camera setup, you have to re-enter the correct port number each time you launch the software.

        As a result, your operating system firewall may request permission to communicate.
      4. Select Private networks and Public networks and click Allow access.

        If you are unable to see an image from the camera, you may need to disable the Windows Firewall until you complete this test. If you disable the Windows Firewall, ensure that your computer is not connected to an open network while the firewall is disabled.

      5. Confirm that the direct temperature mode checkbox is enabled.
      6. Click Tools»Configuration»External Communication.
      7. Confirm that a live image from the camera shows on the computer and that the Connected to IP address matches the one you set for the Optris camera during setup.

        The corners of the live image should say Temperature Mode.

    27. Close PIX Connect and disconnect the PoE switch from the computer.
    28. Using an ethernet cable, connect the PoE Switch to the secondary ethernet port on the IR-9055.
    Configure your thermal imaging device and sensors in InsightCM.

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