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Mapping Channels and Data Groups

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Map sensors to device channels and group all sensors for an equipment into a data group. You can configure data collection behaviors for each data group.

Ensure that you have added at least one equipment asset with sensor assets on the Asset Configuration page.

Data groups enable you to organize data from device channels monitoring the same equipment into one data event. Since each equipment asset has a defined set of operating states, create one data group per equipment asset.

  1. Click the Configuration pull-down »Devices.
  2. Double-click the device whose channels you want to map.

    For wireless and thermal imaging devices, add wireless sensor endpoints and/or discover ROI cameras directly from the device's configuration page to enable devices to collect data.

  3. Select the Equipment Mapping tab and click Add/Remove.
  4. Click Add, select the equipment level asset, and click OK.

    If you remove the Default data group from this section, your device channels will automatically be reassigned to the data group you added.

    You created a new data group.
  5. Click the Channels tab and select one of the channels.
  6. Click Select Data Group and select the new data group from the pull-down.
  7. Once you assign the data group to your channels, select a channel and select a sensor in the right-hand asset tree to map a channel to a sensor asset.
  8. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have mapped each of the sensors to a channel.

    Not all device channels need to have a sensor mapped to them.

  9. Optional: Add additional data groups to the device if you are mapping remaining channels to sensor assets associated with different equipment.
  10. Above the Equipment Mapping tab, click Validate.

    InsightCM removes unmapped channels when you click Validate. Use the Channels tab to add channels back to the Channels table as needed.

  11. Above the device's configuration tabs, click Back to Devices.
  12. Select the device whose channels you configured and click Update Configuration under the Devices tab.

    Any changes you make on the Device Configuration page or the Asset Configuration page will not be applied until you click Update Configuration.

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