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Configuring Your Asset Tree

    Last Modified: October 16, 2020

    Map your condition-monitoring system on InsightCM using location, equipment, and sensor assets.

    1. Organize your assetsUse location assets as an organizational element before adding equipment and sensors.
    2. Add equipment assetsDefine the equipment assets in your condition monitoring system on the Asset Configuration page.
    3. Add sensor assets to equipmentConfigure sensor assets for the equipment you are monitoring.
    4. Optional: Add a smart motor pumpConfigure a DEI Pump equipment on the asset configuration page to populate analysis and alerts in the Reliability dashboard based on your equipment data.
    5. Validate your assetsVerify that you have configured your assets correctly.
    6. Optional: Add notes and instructionsAdd notes and instructions about an asset if multiple people are monitoring it.
    Refer to Adding NI Monitoring Devices to configure your monitoring device and/or data source(s) and create data groups.

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