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Configuring a Speed Reference

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Configure a Modbus Register, OPC UA Tag, or PI Historian as a speed reference.

Ensure that you have an Modbus Register, OPC UA Tag, or PI Historian configured on your asset tree.

The speed reference of an asset allows the server to associate speed values with sensor data for use in calculating spectral band values. The server determines the speed reference value for an asset by multiplying the reference speed and the speed ratio for that asset.

Complete the following steps to configure a speed reference.

  1. Click the Configuration button and select a Rotating Equipment (Data Source) or a Wireless Equipment (Data Source) asset.
  2. In the Speed Properties section, click the Edit button next to the Speed Reference field.
  3. Select a Modbus register, OPC UA tag, or PI Historian in the Select Speed Reference dialog box.
  4. Use the Speed Ratio property of the sensor to set the speed value at the sensor when sensors on an asset run at different speeds, such as when sensors are located on opposite sides of a gear box. The speed ratio uses the driver:driven format. Numbers can include decimals but must not include spaces or non-numeric characters. If the speed reference value is 3600 RPM and the sensor's speed ratio is 2:1, the sensor speed will be 1800 RPM.

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