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Configuring Temperature Deltas

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Deltas measure the difference between two ROIs that have the largest temperature difference in a group of two or more ROIs. The delta is calculated by subtracting the lowest maximum temperature from the highest maximum temperature of a set of ROIs selected. You can set alarm conditions on deltas to monitor when the difference between ROI temperatures exceeds the value you specify.

Complete the following steps to configure an ROI Delta.
  1. Click the Configuration button and ensure that you are on the Asset Configuration page.
  2. In the asset tree, select the piece of equipment that contains the ROIs for which you want to configure a delta.
  3. Click Add and select Sensors»Thermal Imaging»Delta in the New Asset dialog box.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the delta and click OK.
  5. On the Properties tab for the new ROI delta, click the Edit button next to the Camera field.
  6. In the Select a Camera dialog box, select the camera containing the ROIs you want to configure a delta for, click OK and a new row for ROIs should appear.
  7. Click the pull-down next to the ROIs field and select the ROIs you want the delta to compare. Your changes will be saved automatically.
You can monitor delta values using the thermal imaging viewer on the Data Viewer page after you send the connection information to the device.

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