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Reliability Alerts and Responses

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

The Reliability dashboard indicates and shows data for three types of alerts with varying levels of urgency. Each alert and alert level requires you to take differing levels of action.

Alert Type Description Example Alert Levels Required Response
Current Health Alert Comparison of an equipment's performance to a baseline. The resulting percentage value reflects how closely the component is performing to a healthy component.

Does not account for component history or stress factors.

Equipment falls below the current health of 0.42 and triggers a yellow Current Health Alert.
  • Yellow - indicates that maintenance is needed in the near future.
  • Red - indicates that immediate action is required.
For all alerts, validate the alert instance.

For Red level alerts, follow validation with plans for immediate maintenance.

Update the Usage configuration tab on the Asset Configuration page once maintenance has been performed.
Reliability Alert Estimated number of days before an equipment component requires maintenance. This alert triggers when a component is estimated to fail within 60 days. A component is estimated to function without failure for 90 days, but no alert is triggered. However, as the reliability percentage declines, the equipment reliability will change from green to yellow to red to flag the risks at 120 days.
Measurement Alert Measurement outside of an acceptable range but not related to a specific component aging, utilization error, or stress factor. Due to debris in the impellar, there are irregular spikes in vibration measurements that trigger a red-level measurement alert.

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