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Adding a DEI Pump Asset

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Configure a DEI Pump equipment on the asset configuration page to populate analysis and alerts in the Reliability dashboard based on your equipment data.

Before you begin, upgrade to InsightCM 3.7 and contact NI for additional software license requirements. Reliability indicates motor and/or pump health and reliability.
  1. Click Configuration »Assets.
  2. Select the location asset you want to add your smart machine to and click Add.
  3. In the resulting New Asset dialog, expand Equipment, select a DEI Pump asset, and click OK.

    Choose a DEI type based on the way you mounted the pump.

  4. In the right-hand Properties configuration tab, configure a valid Motor (MCSA).

    A valid Motor (MCSA) has an assigned voltage bus.

  5. Configure an Equipment (Vibration) asset as a child asset within the DEI Pump equipment.
  6. Select the Motor Survey configuration tab and define the defaults for a healthy motor.
  7. If you configured an asset to the Equipment (Vibration) property, select the Pump Survey tab and define the defaults for a healthy pump.
  8. Select the Usage configuration tab and specify the Commissioning/Last Repair Date and Duty Cycle.

    Refer to Usage Tab to learn how to calculate the Duty Cycle for equipment.

  9. Return to the Properties tab and click Restart Model to save the changes you made to your smart machine.

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