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Configuring a Trend Alarm Rule

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Configure a trend alarm rule for an equipment asset.

Before you begin, assign at least one feature to the asset for which you are configuring a trend alarm rule.

A trend alarm rule is a group of settings that causes InsightCM to set an alarm based on trend behavior. In most cases, you will configure trend alarm rules for each sensor asset, but you configure trend alarm rules directly on MCSA equipment assets. To set a trend alarm rule, define levels of severity for data that will set the alarm. You can manually configure these levels or auto-configure them using a baseline of data.

  1. Click the Configuration button to navigate to the Asset Configuration page.
  2. In the right side configuration panel, select the Trend Alarms tab.
  3. Click Add to display the Trend Alarm Rule dialog.
  4. In the top left corner of the dialog box, use the pull-down menu to choose a feature you want to apply.
  5. In the adjacent pull-down, specify whether this alarm trips for trend values that are greater than or less than the compared value.
  6. Using the Operating State pull-down menu, choose whether the rule applies to all operating states or to one specific operating state.

    If you select All for the Operating State pull-down menu, you can not auto-configure levels from the baseline since the average data will differ for each feature type.

  7. Use one of the following two methods to define severity levels for the trend alarm rule.
    Methods Instructions
    Define levels based on a compare value that you set.
    1. Click the Add button in the Levels section to display the Trend Alarm Rule dialog box.
    2. Specify the urgency of the level in the Severity pull-down menu.
    3. Specify the threshold you want the NI monitoring device to compare trend values against in the Compare To field.
    4. Check the Send Email checkbox to enable email options for the web application to use when the alarm trips.
    5. If there is more than one level that you want to set for a trend alarm rule, repeat these steps as needed.
    Auto-configure levels based on a value that InsightCM calculates from previously acquired data.

    To use auto-configure, you must have already acquired data.

    1. Check the Auto-configure level from baseline checkbox and a new Edit button should appear.
    2. Click the Edit button that appears next to the checkbox label to display the Auto-Configure Alarm Rule dialog box.
    3. In the Calculation pull-down menu, specify how you want the NI monitoring device to calculate the compare value.
    4. Click Add to display the Trend Alarm Rule Level dialog box.
    5. Specify the urgency of the level in the Severity pull-down menu.
    6. In the Compare To field, specify the initial value that the web application uses to calculate the threshold.
    7. Check the Send Email checkbox to enable email notifications to be sent when the alarm trips.
  8. Optional: If you use auto-configured levels, set a baseline.
    1. Click the calendar button to bring up the Select Date Range dialog.
    2. Define a range of dates in the Start and End text fields with data you want to use to calculate a baseline. Click OK. Narrow the data set by clicking and dragging to zoom into a portion of the timeline. Double-click the graph to zoom out again.
    3. Click Set Baseline.

      If you do not set a baseline, InsightCM does not auto-configure levels.

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