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Specifying a Pre-Trigger Length for Data Collection

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

Delay the start of data collection when asset conditions set a higher severity alarm.

Before you begin, configure a trend alarm rule. InsightCM uses the value you specify for the pre-trigger length to determine how long after asset conditions set an alarm and cross a higher severity threshold to wait before collecting data.

This option will override the collection settings determined by the operating state.

Complete the following steps to specify a pre-trigger length for an alarm.
  1. Click the Navigation menu and go to Alarms»Trend Rules.
  2. Find and select the trend rule for which you want to specify a pre-trigger value.
  3. Click Edit to bring up the Trend Alarm Rule dialog.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog, uncheck the Use default collection length checkbox to activate the Pre-Trigger text field.
  5. Use the Pre-Trigger text field to specify how many seconds InsightCM will wait after asset conditions set a higher severity alarm before collecting data.
  6. Click OK.
The alarm rule you have modified now waits the length of time you specified for the pre-trigger before collecting data.

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