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Setting up Email Alarm Notifications

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Configure InsightCM to send alarm notification emails.

Before you begin, configure your role with serverSettings_edit permissions, create an address group, and create an email template. Refer to Relationships Between User Accounts and Permissions for more information about permissions.
  1. On the server machine, in File Explorer, navigate to the ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM 3.0\Auth folder.
  2. Open the SmtpConfiguration.json file in a text file editor.

    The InsightCM Server acts as an SMTP client and sends messages to an SMTP server when you edit this file with information about the SMTP server.

  3. Modify each line category according to your server information.

    "Host": "<servername>",

    "Port": "<port number>",

    "UseSsl": <true or false>,

    "RequireAuthentication": <true or false>,

    "Username": "<username>",

    "Password": "Secret\\Password", "Secret\"Password"

    If your password contains backslashes or double quotations, you must use double backslashes or a backslash and double quotations respectively as shown in the above example.

    "TimeoutSeconds": <number>,

    "FromAddress": "yes-reply@localhost",

    "TestMode": <true or false>

    Test Mode prevents the server from sending emails, even when you run commands from the InsightCM console. Enable the SMTP.Emails tracepoint to view messages that the server writes to the trace log.

  4. Save the .json file and open Windows Services.
  5. Find and select NI InsightCM <version> and click Restart.

    Restarting the NI InsightCM service enables the software to read in the new SMTP settings.

Add an email template and address group to an alarm.

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