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Reintegrating Quarantined Endpoints

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Re-establish communication with an endpoint without rebooting the MON-10496.

When an endpoint fails to communicate 5 times, the MON-10496 quarantines the endpoint, or ceases to attempt communication with the endpoint. Until you correct the cause of failure and re-establish communication, data is not collected from the quarantined endpoint.
Common reasons an endpoint fails to communicate:
  • The battery needs to be changed.
  • There is a significant obstruction between the endpoint and the MON-10496.
  1. On the main Dashboard, click Wireless to access the Wireless Dashboard.
  2. Select the quarantined endpoint.
  3. Click Action menu »Clear Quarantine.
  4. Confirm that the endpoint's status changes and that communication with the endpoint has been re-established.

    It may take several minutes for the endpoint status to update. The MON-10496 to communicate with endpoints 5 times every 15 minutes before quarantining unresponsive endpoints again.

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