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FAQs on Sample Rates and Durations

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Q: At what sample rate do devices acquire data?
A: You can configure the sample rate for waveform channels on dynamic modules, such as the NI 9232, on the Device Configuration page by double-clicking on a device and selecting the Device Properties tab. However, devices always sample from channels that produce single-point values, such as voltage and temperature, at 1 Hz. If a device contains both types of channels, the device samples them at different rates.
Q: Can you configure unique sample rates or acquisition durations for each channel?
A: No:
  • All waveform channels on a device share the same configurable sample rate.
  • All single-point channels are sampled at 1 Hz.
If you must sample from two nearby sensors at different rates, consider using two different devices, each with a unique sample rate.
Q: How do devices log single-point data during a multi-second acquisition?
A: When a device contains both waveform and single-point channels, you configure the duration of acquisitions on the Operating States tab of the Asset Configuration page for the equipment the device is monitoring. However, devices always log only the final value from single-point channels. Consider the following example where a device acquires from one waveform channel and one single-point channel for four seconds.
The full, four-second acquisition. The device logs waveform data throughout the acquisition.
The temperature value from the final second. This is the only temperature value the device logs from this acquisition.

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