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Customizing Your InsightCM System

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Configure the way your system performs different tasks.

Before you begin, set up equipment assets and monitoring devices. Complete the following tasks according to your customization goals.
  1. Configure alarmsSet alarms monitor unusual activity and configure alarms to send email alerts.
  2. Learn about device communication and configurationReview, update, and configure your devices for your condition-monitoring needs.
  3. Learn about data sources–Learn which data sources InsightCM supports.
  4. Modify an asset type–Modify properties, default trend alarm rules, and default fault frequency sets for all assets of a specific type.
  5. Learn about operating states–Use operating states to set different collection settings and/or alarm levels for your assets.
  6. Add fault frequencies–Configure fault frequencies for different assets on the Asset Configuration page and view them with spectrum data in the data viewer.
  7. Assign features–Specify what features you want an asset to calculate.
  8. Batch editing assets–InsightCM allows users to edit multiple assets at one time using an exported spreadsheet.
  9. Validate sensor data–Ensure that sensors are returning valid data.

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