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Configuring Alarms

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Set alarms monitor unusual activity and configure alarms to send email alerts.

Before you begin, configure your asset tree, add a NI monitoring devices, and acquire data.

Devices continuously evaluate alarm rules. However, some devices either do not have the ability to evaluate the alarm rule or do not take continuous measurements. In either case, the server evaluates alarm rules wherever data is received from the device.

Configure alarms to trigger based on equipment activity.
  1. Configure an alarm rule.
    Option Description
    Configure a trend alarm rule Monitor the condition of your equipment by configuring trend alarm rules that indicate when an asset enters a severe state.
    Configure a spectral alarm rule Configure an alarm for spectral frequencies to monitor the energy level of each frequency.
  2. Set up email notifications–Receive immediate notification of assets entering a severe state by directing InsightCM to send you email notifications.
  3. Acknowledge trend data–Move an alarm instance from Active Trend Alarm to a log of alarm instances without clearing the instance.
  4. Learn conditions for setting and clearing alarms–Familiarize yourself with when and how InsightCM sets and clears alarms and determine if you want to refine an alarm rule with hysteresis, on and off delays, custom file lengths, and pre-triggers.
Define trend alarm rules either by asset types or by auto-configuring levels.

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