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Auto-Configuring Severity Levels

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Use trend baselines to auto-configure severity levels for an alarm rule.

Before you begin, collect data from the asset for which you are configuring an alarm rule.
  1. Click the Configuration button and select a sensor-level asset.
  2. In the configuration pane, select the Trend Alarms tab.
  3. Find and select an alarm and click Edit.
  4. Select a feature and operator combination you want to auto-configure severity levels for.
  5. Select an operating state using the Operating State pull-down menu.

    If you select All, you will not have the option to auto-configure levels from a baseline.

  6. Check the Auto-configure levels from baseline checkbox to activate a new Edit button.
  7. Click the Edit button.
  8. Choose a calculation type using the corresponding pull-down menu.
  9. Add severity levels and click OK.
  10. Below the table of severity levels, click the calendar button to use data collected within a certain date range as your baseline.
  11. Click OK to select the date range and to activate the Set Baseline button.
  12. Click Set Baseline and OK to save your changes.
The alarm you have just modified now has severity levels that InsightCM has configured based on collected data.

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