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Batch Updating Device Configurations with a Device Spreadsheet

Last Modified: August 30, 2021

Edit batch configurations in a device spreadsheet to make updates to multiple devices that you already configured in the web application.

  1. Click Configuration »Devices.
  2. Select the device(s) you want to update.
  3. From the Action menu , hover over Import/Export, select Export Devices Spreadsheet, and then choose whether to export configurations for devices you selected in step 2 or all devices.
  4. The web application downloads a spreadsheet file to your computer. Create a copy of the downloaded file. If you introduce errors while editing the spreadsheet and then import the errors, you can then import the copy, which allows you to return device configurations to a working state.
  5. Open the .xlsx device spreadsheet file.

    The spreadsheet contains several worksheets that define different types of device-configuration properties. The spreadsheet links related properties in separate worksheets via the names in the spreadsheet. For example, the Channels worksheet identifies which data group owns the channels by specifying the data group name as defined on the DataGroups worksheet.

  6. Edit the properties of interest in the spreadsheet. For example, you might want to change the sample rate on multiple devices at the same time.
  7. To apply your changes to the device configurations in the web application, return to the Device Configuration page, and select import the device spreadsheet from the Action menu .

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