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Troubleshooting the Connection between the Server and a Device

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

Determine why the server and a device are not connecting and establish/restore the connection.

The Test Connection dialog box checks common issues that prevent a device from connecting to the InsightCM Server and coming online.

  1. Check for common issues by testing the connection between the server and the device.
    1. Select the pull-down by Configuration»Devices.
    2. Select Action menu»Connection»Test Connection.
  2. If the test results in All tests passed, you may need to deploy a supported application to the device before it will come online.

    The device may be formatted correctly, but not yet running a supported application.

    1. Select the pull-down by Configuration»Devices.
    2. Click the Software tab and select the device.
    3. Click Update Application.

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