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Reliability and DEI Pump Assets

Last Modified: October 16, 2020

The Reliability dashboard tab alerts you to the current health and reliability of DEI pump assets and of any confirmed maintenance done on DEI pump equipment. To see analysis and alerts for your equipment on the Reliability dashboard, configure a DEI pump asset.


Reliability refers to the embedded intelligence that uses predictive analytics to calculate the probability of equipment failure and prescribe maintenance actions using alerts. Contact NI about purchasing additional licensing to access the analytics and alerts on the Reliability dashboard.

There are three types of alerts regarding equipment health. Refer to Alerts and Responses to review the three alert types and the differing responses each type requires. Factors that decrease equipment health, such as equipment degradation, stress factors, time since last maintenance, and cumulative damage, trigger alerts on the Reliability dashboard and determine maintenance recommendations.

DEI Pump Assets

The DEI Pump (Vertical) and DEI Pump (Between Bearing) equipment assets represent the motor-driven pumps you monitor for health, reliability, and maintenance on the Reliability dashboard. The information from the motor and pump sensor and survey configuration tabs factor in to the calculation of equipment health and reliability. Learn more about the DEI Pump equipment assets on List of Equipment Asset Types.

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