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Creating PI Point Names Automatically

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Create a point name pattern you can apply to mappings to automatically generate point names.

This feature is useful for quickly creating point names according to a standard format.
  1. Click the Navigation menu » System» Historian .
  2. On the Point Name Patterns tab, select an asset type and click Edit.
  3. Enter the static text and tokens you want InsightCM to replace with dynamic information about the tag source. The following list contains tokens you can include in point name patterns. Surround each token with curly braces, as shown. Asset name values are static within PI point and source names. PI point and source names do not reflect any changes you make to an asset name.
    Token Description
    {name} Asset name
    {path} Asset path including all parent assets
    {feat} Feature or spectral band name
    {unit} Units of the feature or spectral band

    You can replace the names of features and spectral bands in the InsightCM Server with custom names.

  4. On the Point Mappings tab, click Add.
  5. In the resulting dialog box, select the assets to which you want to apply point mappings.
  6. Click Preview to ensure that the PI tag names look the way you expect.
  7. Click Apply to save your changes.

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