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Configuring InsightCM

Last Modified: May 13, 2020

Manage the settings of your InsightCM server that enable web client accessibility, security, and expandibility.

Before you begin, install InsightCM on your server machine.

Complete the following tasks to ensure that your system is accessible, secure, and complete.
  1. Open required portsOpen required network communication ports to access the web application and to initiate data collection.
  2. Enable and require SSL connectionsConfigure your settings to require a secure connection to access the web application.
  3. Integrate InsightCM with Windows Active DirectoryIntegrate InsightCM with your Windows Active Directory to require users to log in with Windows account credentials.
  4. Create roles and assign permissionsManage roles with differing levels of permission for editing or accessing your InsightCM system.
  5. Learn about and configure historian softwareLearn how InsightCM Server can connect to two types of data historians if you purchase, activate, and enable the Enterprise Gateway option.
  6. Configure your server fleetConfigure your server fleet by modifying the .json file that installed to your server with InsightCM.
  7. Define a transcieverIdentify the server machine so your devices can locate the server.

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