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Comparing Measurements from Different Sources or Times

Last Modified: September 12, 2019

Compare measurements from multiple points in time or from multiple pieces of equipment by creating data event references that you can show in a chart later.

Complete the following steps to create a data event reference:

  1. Click the Data Viewer button.
  2. Select an asset.
  3. Select a trend point for which you want to create a data event reference in the Trend viewer.
  4. Click the Action menu and select Data Event»Create Data Event Reference.
  5. In the Choose Reference Type dialog box, choose to create one of the following types of references that you can use to mark specific data events from an asset and show that data alongside other data from the same asset:
    1. Baseline—The default data reference.
    2. Slow-Roll—The reference NI InsightCM uses to calculate slow-roll compensation if you enable slow-roll compensation on the Order Waveform or Spectrum viewer.
    3. Temporary—A data reference that disappears after 24 hours.
    4. Other—A reference you create for any other reason.
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the Data Viewer page, click Select a Data Event Reference and select the data event reference you created.
  8. In any viewer on the Data Viewer page, click Show Reference to display the reference you selected.

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