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Transferring a Connection File to an Offline Device

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Connect your offline device to the InsightCM Server by transferring a connection file to the device.

If you added the device configuration without entering the IP address, the device cannot yet connect to InsightCM because it does not have the information needed to connect to the server. Complete the following steps to transfer credentials to the device.
  1. Click the Configuration pull-down and select Devices.
  2. Find the device connection file you exported when you when you added a device to the InsightCM Server.
  3. If you did not export a connection file, return to the Device Configuration page.
    1. Select the device.
    2. Select Action menu and hover over Connection.
    3. Select Export Connection File.
  4. Copy the file to a USB drive folder named upload in the following directory: <RootLevel>:\InsightCM.

    If the upload folder does not exist, create it.


    The filename must be in the format of DeviceHostname-SerialNumber.json or the device will not read it.

  5. Insert the USB into the USB port on the controller front panel and note that the USER1 LED light will switch from blinking to solid when the device is reading the connection file.
  6. When the USER1 LED returns to blinking steadily, remove the USB drive.
  7. From the Device Configuration page, select the device to which you manually transferred a connection file, click the Action menu , and select Reboot.

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