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Reintegrating Quarantined Endpoints

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Re-establish communication with an endpoint without rebooting the MON-10496.

When an endpoint fails to communicate 5 times, the MON-10496 quarantines the endpoint, or ceases to attempt communication with the endpoint. Until you correct the cause of failure and re-establish communication, data is not collected from the quarantined endpoint.
Common reasons an endpoint fails to communicate:
  • The battery needs to be changed.
  • There is a significant obstruction between the endpoint and the MON-10496.
  1. On the main Dashboard, click Wireless to access the Wireless Dashboard.
  2. Select the quarantined endpoint.
  3. Click Action menu » Clear Quarantine .
  4. Confirm that the endpoint's status changes and that communication with the endpoint has been re-established.

    It may take several minutes for the endpoint status to update. The MON-10496 to communicate with endpoints 5 times every 15 minutes before quarantining unresponsive endpoints again.

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