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Device Property Configurations

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Learn how you can fine-tune file transfer and network performance for wireless and CMS devices.

Burst Mode - A mode that you can configure on a device to enable the manual or scheduled acquisition of high-resolution data.

Sample Rate - You can configure the sample rate for channels on NI 923x modules only. Devices always sample from static channels on other module types at 1 Hz and for one second. For more information, refer to Frequently Asked Questions about Sample Rates and Durations.

Time Trigger Offset - An amount of time, in seconds, to delay time-based acquisitions. For example, if a device is configured to perform an acquisition daily at 1:00 PM, and the value of this property is 110 seconds, the device waits until 1:01:50 PM to perform the acquisition. This property is useful for spreading out network traffic when many devices are configured to perform acquisitions at a specific time of day.

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