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Changing Measurement Type Units to Metric

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Change the measurement type units to metric.

Complete the following steps to switch to metric units.
  1. Open a command prompt on the server machine and change to the "<InstallDrive>:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server 3.0\"directory.
  2. Run InsightCMConsole.exe importdefinition -t unit -f "<InstallDrive>:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server 3.0\Definitions\UnitDefinitions\MetricUnits.json".
  3. Check that the coman prompt reports "Success:".
  4. Run InsightCMConsole.exe exportdefinition -t asset -n <sensor name> -o <full path to output definition file>.
  5. Open the definition file using a text editor.
  6. Find the property definition where the key value is Unit and change the value of DefaultValue to the appropriate metric unit.
  7. Save the file and run InsightCMConsole.exe importdefinition -t asset -f "<fullpath to definition file>".
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for each sensor definition you want to update.

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