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Creating and Configuring a Data Source

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Configure a data source from external sources, such as a Modbus Register, an OPC UA Tag, or a PI Historian.

Complete the following steps to configure a data source:

  1. Click the Configuration button to navigate to the Asset Configuration page.
  2. Click the Action menu and select Data Sources to display the Data Sources dialog box.
  3. Click Add and select the type of data source you want to create.
  4. Give the data source a name and click OK.
  5. Select the new data source in the list to the left and configure the appropriate data source properties in the configuration panel.
  6. Select the Registers (for Modbus), Tags (for OPC UA), or Points (for PI Historian) tab.
  7. Click Add and configure the appropriate data source item properties.
  8. Click Close, click the Configuration pull-down , and select Devices.
  9. Double-click a device and click the Data Sources tab in the device configuration page.
  10. Click Add and select the data source you just created.
  11. Select the Modbus Register, OPC Tag, or PI Historian checkbox and click OK.

    If a PI Historian has already been created, no additional PI Historians may be created.

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