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Changing Device Configuration Settings

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Configure device settings, such as endpoint mappings, data groups, channel mappings, sample rate, and hardware configuration.

  1. Click Configuration » Devices .
  2. Double-click a device to open its configuration page.
  3. Configure the settings you want to modify using the tabs in this device's configuration page.
    Option Description
    Mapping Device Channels and Data Groups

    Map each sensor to a device channel and put all sensors for one asset into a data group for which you can configure data collection behaviors.

    Creating and Configuring Data Sources

    Configure a data source from external sources, such as a Modbus Register, an OPC UA Tag, or a PI Historian.

    Device Property Configurations

    Learn how you can fine-tune file transfer and network performance for wireless and CMS devices.

    Updating a Device's Hardware Configuration Update your device's configuration in the web application, including the placement of modules within chassis slots, to match the physical device.
  4. Click Back to Devices.
  5. Select the device you updated and click Update Configuration to apply the changes.

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