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Updating Device Software

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Review the application types and versions running on each device and update the application and firmware that the device runs.


This feature is not supported on Windows 10.

  1. Click the Configuration » Devices .
  2. Click the Software tab and select one or more online devices.

    The devices you select must be of the same type.

  3. Depending on your updating goal, complete one of the following steps.
    Option Description
    Update the application on one or more devices to the latest version on InsightCM. Click Update Application.
    • This operation requires devices to reboot and might take several minutes to complete.
    • The web application does not allow you to update applications for devices with a disabled connection status.
    Verify the latest application is running on a device. Compare the Configured Version and Latest Version columns in the device table to see if a more recent application version is available on the server.
    Resolve persistent errors with the device operation.

    This step should only be taken with a recommendation from NI, as there may be solutions other than formatting the device.

    Click the Action menu and select Format Device.

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