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Analyzing Unusual Data Events

Last Modified: April 7, 2019

Complete the following steps to configure your data dissection options and dissect a data event:

  1. Select the Navigation menu »Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, navigate to Data Viewer»Data Event Dissection.
  3. Use the Data Event Dissection options to specify how to divide data events. You can divide data events into static block-lengths, a number of equal-length blocks, or into blocks of progressively shorter lengths. The Progressive data dissection option splits the last five seconds of the waveform into 200 ms sections, the previous five seconds into 0.5 second sections, and the rest of the waveform into one second sections.
  4. In the Trend viewer on the Data Viewer page, double-click the data event you want to dissect.
  5. In the Action menu on the Trend viewer toolbar, select Dissect Data Event. When you dissect a data event in the Trend viewer, you can use any of the other available viewers to investigate the values of any of the features in your asset tree at the time of the data event.

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