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Scheduling Temporary High-Resolution Data Acquisition

Last Modified: April 4, 2019

Schedule a high-resolution data acquisition on a device.

High-resolution data is useful for troubleshooting equipment. To collect high-resolution data, you can use burst mode. You can also schedule a burst data set collection to run on a device periodically so you can compare high-resolution data over time.

Complete the following steps to schedule high-resolution data acquisition on a device:

  1. Click the Configuration pull-down and select Devices.
  2. Double-click a device and select the Device Properties tab.

    This tab is not available for thermal imaging device configuration pages.

  3. Select the Enable burst mode checkbox.
  4. In the Burst Collection Conditions section, click Time.
  5. In the Edit Condition dialog box, specify how frequently to acquire high-resolution data.
  6. In the Burst Collection Settings section, specify the sample rate in Hz and acquisition length in seconds that you want InsightCM to use for the scheduled high-resolution data acquisition.
  7. Update the device configuration.

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