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GPIB-ENET/1000 Pinout

    Last Modified: March 20, 2017

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Terminal Description
    DIO1 1 Data Input/Output Bit.
    DIO2 2 Data Input/Output Bit.
    DIO3 3 Data Input/Output Bit.
    DIO4 4 Data Input/Output Bit.
    EOI 5 End-Or-Identify.
    DAV 6 Data Valid.
    NRFD 7 Not Ready For Data.
    NDAC 8 Not Data Accepted.
    IFC 9 Interface Clear.
    SRQ 10 Service Request.
    ATN 11 Attention.
    SHIELD 12 Shield.
    DIO5 13 Data Input/Output Bit.
    DIO6 14 Data Input/Output Bit.
    DIO7 15 Data Input/Output Bit.
    DIO8 16 Data Input/Output Bit.
    REN 17 Remote Enable.
    GND 18 Ground—Wire twisted with DAV.
    GND 19 Ground—Wire twisted with NRFD.
    GND 20 Ground—Wire twisted with NDAC.
    GND 21 Ground—Wire twisted with IFC.
    GND 22 Ground—Wire twisted with SRQ.
    GND 23 Ground—Wire twisted with ATN.
    SIGNAL GROUND 24 Logic Ground.
    Table 2. LED State/Device Status
    LED LED Color/State Device Status
    POWER The power cord is connected and the GPIB device is switched on.
    READY Green Flashing The GPIB device is booting and acquiring network parameters.
    Green The GPIB device has completed the boot process, acquired its IP address, and is ready for operation.
    Red Flashing An internal error has occurred. READY LED signaling can report up to 81 different errors. The errors are numbered from 11 to 99 and are reported through sequences of LED flashes. Refer to the GPIB Hardware Installation Guide and Specifications to interpret the flash pattern before calling National Instruments Technical Support.
    Red An error has occurred. The GPIB device has corrupt firmware and has entered Safe Mode. The only operation allowed in Safe Mode is to update the firmware. Refer to the GPIB Hardware Installation Guide and Specifications for instructions on how to update the firmware.
    TALK The GPIB device is configured as a GPIB Talker.
    LISTEN The GPIB device is configured as a GPIB Listener.
    ACT/LINK The GPIB device detected an Ethernet link and blinks to indicate network activity.

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