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GPIB-to-VISA Migration

    Last Modified: August 2, 2018

    LabVIEW GPIB functions are deprecated in LabVIEW NXG. When you create new applications, use VISA functions equivalent to the deprecated GPIB functions. LabVIEW VISA is extensible and supports other hardware interfaces in addition to GPIB. If you are programming multiple devices that communicate over more than one bus type, it is easier and more efficient to use VISA for your entire system.

    Known Compatibility Issue Between GPIB and VISA Functions in LabVIEW NXG

    Arbitration was built into LabVIEW to ensure VISA and GPIB functions that access instruments using the same GPIB Board Interface were synchronized. There is no arbitration in LabVIEW NXG, which may result in unexpected behavior including race conditions and intermittent errors. To prevent these problems, National Instruments recommends switching the deprecated GPIB functions to the equivalent VISA functions. This document assists you with the conversion. Refer to Converting GPIB Functions to VISA Functions in LabVIEW NXG for more information.

    If you need to make minor modifications using GPIB functions and do not want to convert your application to VISA, contact National Instruments technical support.

    Converting GPIB Functions to VISA Functions in LabVIEW NXG

    As a resource to help you convert an existing GPIB application to VISA in LabVIEW NXG, the following tables list each LabVIEW GPIB function along with the equivalent VISA function, where applicable.


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