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Viewing and Analyzing Logged Data with DIAdem

Last Modified: September 27, 2021

View and analyze the data from your logged data files.

On the Data tab, double-click the data log file to launch the DIAdem-based FlexLogger TDMS Viewer.

View your data and perform analyses including arithmetic calculations and fast Fourier transforms (FFT) using DIAdem ANALYSIS functions. For more information about each DIAdem ANALYSIS function, click Help in the configuration dialog box for each function to launch the DIAdem Help.


The DIAdem-based FlexLogger TDMS Viewer does not support the full suite of DIAdem ANALYSIS functions.

If you have a separately licensed version of DIAdem installed, use the following steps to configure FlexLogger to launch that version in lieu of the FlexLogger TDMS Viewer.

  1. Go to File»Preferences.
  2. Under Data viewer options, select Launch a separately licensed edition of DIAdem instead of FlexLogger TDMS Viewer.

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