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Configuring Digital Lines in Your Channel Specification

Last Modified: June 28, 2021

You can add your digital lines to the project by configuring signals in the Channel Specification. Configure digital signals by enabling the line and determining the input or output settings.

  1. Select one or more channels you wish to configure.
  2. Hover over a channel row and click the Configure gear .

    The configure gear appears when selecting multiple channels of the same data type (analog, digital, counter, calculated, and so on). If channels of different data types are selected, the configure gear will not appear.

  3. Optional: Specify the channel name in the Name field.
  4. Select Digital from the Physical Measurement pull-down selector.

    Available channel configuration options vary for digital input or digital output. For digital input lines, Line will automatically populate the Sensor option. For digital output, you can select the output level.

  5. For digital input, record any sensor information or test procedures in the Sensor Properties field, if applicable. To edit the Sensor Properties field, complete the following steps:
    1. Click the Sensor Properties edit icon at the top right of the box.
    2. Fill in the information in the Sensor Properties dialog that opens.
    The information will populate the Sensor Properties field of the channel configuration.
  6. For digital output, specify the output Value for the channel or map to an input channel Source to use as the channel output, if applicable.

    FlexLogger does not support waveform output. Output signals are software timed and nondeterministic.

  7. Apply any additional applicable configuration options to the line. Refer to the Configuring I/O Channels topic for more information on available options.

For digital input, after the Physical Measurement is selected, Live value shows the value of the signal being measured by the line.


FlexLogger does not log output channels.

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