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Calibrating Multiple Channels Simultaneously

Last Modified: September 27, 2021

Use the Calibrate channels feature to apply calibration to multiple channels simultaneously.

  1. In your Channel Specification document, select all configured channels you wish to calibrate.
  2. In your Channel Specification document toolbar, click the Calibrate channels button .
  3. Select one of the following calibration options:
    • Select Zero to apply an offset to the analog input channels to obtain a zero reading. Zero calibration is only available for Linear and Sensitivity scaling types.
    • Select Null offset to perform offset nulling calibration on the strain channels to adjust the output of the bridge to 0 V.
    • Select Shunt calibrate to adjust for errors on your bridge circuits caused by resistance of the lead wires between the EX pins on the device and the strain gage. For more information, refer to the Shunt Calibrating One or More Channels topic.
FlexLogger automatically applies the selected offset to all selected channels that support that calibration type.

Multiple channel calibration cannot be applied when the test is running.

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